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Introducing Red Heart® Collage


Looking for a project that won't take too long? Look no further than brand new Collage! This wool blend yarn is a 7-Jumbo weight yarn with beautifully printed colorways. Each ply is dyed separately and then twisted together for lots of fun color movement. This yarn is a great option for arm knit and finger crochet projects, too!

Collage is the perfect yarn selection for all your cold-weather accessories. The chunky wool will keep you warm even through the most frigid winter temperatures. OurĀ Bonus the jumbo weight means your projects will work up quickly. We think these would make perfect gifts (think matching oversized scarves).

Collage is Available in 7 Colors:

Here's some inspiration to get you started:

Fantastic Pommed Hat Fantastic Pommed Hat in Collage
Cozy Long Cardigan Cozy Long Cardigan in Collage
Amy's Arm Knit Cowl Amy's Arm Knit Cowl in Collage