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Celebrating the Year of Scrubby


We are head over heels in love with Scrubby yarn and so excited that we have been adding new pattern inspiration to every month. It's not often that a yarn is so innovative and offers such practical help for daily cleaning and washing. We've been having fun using new colors of Scrubby and falling in love with the new Scrubby Sparkle version of this yarn. This shiny, festive Scrubby sister yarn not only washes your dishes, it is perfect for holiday and party decorations.

Here are 5 of the newest Scrubby Sparkle patterns that have recently been added to our site. If you'd like to order the yarn, just scroll down to find all the colors you will need for that project.

Striping Sparkle Scrubby Knit Striping Sparkle Scrubby Free Knitting Pattern LW5311
Strawberry Sparkle Scrubby Crocheted Strawberry Sparkle Scrubby Free Crochet Pattern LW5310
Celebration Garland CrochetedCelebration Garland Free Crochet Pattern LW5304
Splash of Citrus Scrubby Crocheted Splash of Citrus Scrubby Free Crochet Pattern LW5158
Precious Penguin Scrubby Crocheted Precious Penguin Scrubby Free Crochet Pattern LW5327

Scrubby Sparkle is available in 10 effervescent colors!

8001 Marshmallow 8001 Marshmallow
8012 Licorice 8012 Licorice
8215 Lemon 8215 Lemon
8260 Orange 8260 Orange
8417 Oyster 8417 Oyster
8506 Icepop 8506 Icepop
8570 Grape 8570 Grape
8690 Avocado 8690 Avocado
8830 Blueberry 8830 Blueberry
8929 Strawberry 8929 Strawberry

We've been adding new designs using the original Scrubby, too! Here are 5 of my favorite fun Scrubby ideas.

Rubber Ducky Scrubbies Crocheted Rubber Ducky Scrubbies Free Crochet Pattern LW5252
Shark Puppet Scrubby CrochetedShark Puppet Scrubby Free Crochet Pattern LW5411
School of Fish Scrubbies Knit School of Fish Scrubbies Free Knitting Pattern LW5412
Simple Knit Scrubbies KnitSimple Knit Scrubbies Free Knitting Pattern LW5258
Scalloped Edge Scrubby Crocheted Scalloped Edge Scrubby Free Crocchet Pattern LW5230

Scrubby is available in a wonderful range of 27 colors!

10 Coconut 10 Coconut
12 Black 12 Black
215 Bamboo 215 Bamboo
241 Duckie 241 Duckie
258 Orange 258 Orange
501 Ocean 501 Ocean
510 Glacier 510 Glacier
561 Grape 561 Grape
620 Lime 620 Lime
650 Green Tea 650 Green Tea
709 Bubblegum 709 Bubblegum
715 Primrose 715 Primrose
805 Stream 805 Stream
870 Royal 870 Royal
905 Cherry 905 Cherry
930 Marble 930 Marble
932 Jelly 932 Jelly
934 Candy 934 Candy
936 Waves 936 Waves
938 Almond 938 Almond
940 Capri 940 Capri
979 Jolly 979 Jolly
980 Tropical 980 Tropical
982 Zesty 982 Zesty
984 Citrus 984 Citrus
986 Blossom 986 Blossom
987 Americana 987 Americana

Please add a comment and let us know which of our Scrubby patterns is your favorite!