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Cordial: Yarn or Cord?

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E832 CordialWhen I first met Red Heart Cordial, I thought it was the perfect cord for macram. I was pleasantly surprised to see that it could be crocheted into such usable, durable, great-looking items. If you see it in the store it looks like a stiff ball of yarn. Like this

When you crochet with it, it magically becomes perfect for all sorts of things. So I think of it as a cord that you can either use for macram knotting or for crochet.

My favorite Cordial project is this Bricks Basket in the color called Cheerful. It's one of the seven multi-colored shades in the Cordial color set.

E832_9942_swatch9942 Jazzy E832_9946_swatch 9946 Neon E832_9949_swatch 9949 Cheerful E832_9951_swatch 9951 All-Star E832_9958_swatch 9958 Sprout E832_9960_swatch 9960 Natural E832_9964_swatch 9964 Greyscale LW5099 Bricks Basket

The designer, Julie King, has used pieces of leather for the handles, giving this crocheted basket a completely finished look. I am thinking of making it as a gift, but I think that when I make it, I will want to keep it for myself.

Here are some other ideas that are available as free patterns on You can make hangers for plants with Cordial Crochet this meshy hanger in little time, or macram some simple knots. Use these hangers for clay pots or cool glass containers.

LW4879 Crochet Plant Hanger LW4879 Crochet Plant Hanger LW4797 Macrame Plant Hanger LW4797 Macrame Plant Hanger

For casual days, these crocheted bracelets are the ideal way to finish your look in little time.

LW4664 One-Row Double Crochet Bracelet LW4664 One-Row Double Crochet Bracelet LW4652 Buttoned Cuff Bracelet LW4652 Buttoned Cuff Bracelet LW4663 Chain Wrap Bracelet LW4663 Chain Wrap Bracelet

I hope that you will give Cordial a try (if you haven't already). And let us know if you like using this cord for crochet and macram.