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Cro-Shayley Makes Red Heart's Turtle Bath Scrubby

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Is bath time your little one's favorite part of the day? It is for mine! Add to the fun and make him or her a bath scrubby with Red Heart's new Scrubby yarn. It's made of textured polyester which makes great washcloths and "scrubbies." I decided to crochet Red Heart's Turtle Bath Scrubby using these colors: Coconut, Duckie, Ocean and Cherry.

scrubbyyarn Turtle Bath Scrubby

First crochet the top & bottom of the shell.


Next is making the opening for the hand by holding both sides of the shell together then sc through both for 35 sts (I used Ocean to do this). Then sc around the remaining sts on the top shell only.


Then crochet the head, legs and tail.


Sew the head, legs and tail onto the shell. With black yarn make 2 french knots for the eyes and there you have it...a finished Turtle Bath Scrubby.

Turtle Bath Scrubby