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Cro-Shayley Makes Owl Mug Wraps

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Are you a coffee lover in need of a mug koozie to bring a smile to your mornings? Well Red Heart has the cutest Owl Mug Wrap pattern you'll have to make for that morning Cup of Joe. Two of my college friends asked me to make them one and how could I say no? It's so super cute, quick and easy, and a perfect project to get rid of any scrap yarn you have laying around. You can use any colors too! I might keep this one in my back pocket for some Christmas gifts.

Of course, I made a few adjustments to the pattern to make it my own but not many so here goes...

To begin I made the wraps:


Then the beak:


Then onto the eyes... here is where I changed the pattern. I wanted to make the eyes a little larger and I did not have any cute buttons to use for the iris/pupil part of the eyes like the pattern calls for, so I crocheted circles for those.

To make the iris/pupil:
Make an adjustable ring, ch 2 and 12 hdc inside ring, join with a sl st to first hdc.


To make the ""whites of the eyes"":
Make an adjustable ring, ch 2 and 12 hdc inside ring, join with a sl st to first hdc.
Ch. 1, 2 sc in each hdc, join with sl st in first sc.


Then I sewed the iris/pupils onto the white circles:


Then I sewed the eyes and beak onto the wrap:


Then I seamed the wrap ends together. I added some ears by cutting 4 strands (for each ear) of yarn about 3 inches long. I threaded those strands through the top edge of the wrap and tied them in a knot (see below).


And there you have it....n owl mug wrap!