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Olivia & Her Scarves

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Olivia Anderson, age 11, has a chronic illness. She has a pump to give her medicine 24 hours a day, and regularly has to miss school. But throughout, she makes Sashay scarves to share. Read about Olivia's story here.

Update: Since this post was originally published, Olivia has passed away from her condition. She was surrounded by her family. If you would like to do something in Olivia's memory, she loved her doll from an organization called Feel Better Friends that gives personalized handmade dolls to ill children. They accept knit and crochet dolls.

SashayFrillyCrochetScarfOlivia has pulmonary hypertension, which has required several surgeries, time in the hospital, and ongoing treatment. During her free time, she makes scarves from Boutique Sashay and Boutique Sassy Fabric for the people around her: "teachers, nurses, friends, children and anyone who has made her feel better and who has given her hope throughout all of her surgeries and hospitalizations", according to her grandmother Lynn Bradshaw.

By making the scarves, Olivia can focus on something other than her illness and how she feels. It is a regular activity that she can do at home or in the hospital, and it allows her to express her appreciation for others. Knitting and crocheting can help reduce stress, as well as allow for the satisfaction of a job well done.

Currently Olivia is working on scarves for other children with her disease.

You can get patterns to make your own Sashay scarves (Boutique Sashay Knit Scarf pattern and Boutique Sashay Crochet Scarf pattern) and Sassy Fabric scarves (Boutique Sassy Fabric Knit Scarf pattern and Boutique Sassy Fabric Crochet Scarf pattern).

Learn more about pulmonary hypertension at the Pulmonary Hypertension Association.