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Donna's Dozen: Sashay Twelve Different Ways


Today I wanted to introduce you to a whole new way to look at Boutique Sashay. You have probably seen and most likely made the ruffle scarves, but wait until you see what else you can do with this versatile yarn. I hope you enjoy the twelve different ways to use Sashay.

Knotted Fringe Scarf

Check out these knots! This is a clever way to use Sashay and no tools are required. Check out the pdf page for step-by-step photos.

LW4504 Woven Necklace

With only two different colors of Sashay you can create this beautiful necklace. This design was finished using Boutique Sashay Metallic, but you can customize by using any of our Boutique Sashay products.

LW4359 Mesh Pillow Cover Do you have a plain colored pillow laying around the house? With four balls of Sashay you can bring it to life again. It's a fun and inexpensive way to dress up a pillow and a room. LW4443 Snow Princess DressThis glamorous costume is not just for Halloween. Ask the princess in your house what she thinks. If you do not want the whole costume, search LW4439 for just the bag. LW4438 Party Ruff If you've been invited to a party, we have a ruff for you. We launched this at Halloween, but the possibilities for use are endless. I can see it being worn at New Year's, Mardi Gras or with a little black dress. LW4416 Finger Crochet cowlHere we have a fun project where hooks and needles are not required. You let your fingers do all the work. We used Sashay, Soft, Stellar and Classic yarn to create this finger crochet cowl. LW4363 Ruffled Glamour Scarf I know you are thinking this is just another ruffle scarf, but have you seen Boutique Sashay Boho yet? The vibrant colors mixed with the gold trim makes these scarves spectacular. LW4325 Summertime Frills for Dolls We know little girls love their 18 dolls so we used Boutique Sashay Mini to create this Summertime Frills design. This is sure to bring a smile to her face any time of the year. I think I will make four of these in different colors and call it All Season Frills. LW4561 Ruffled Bottom Bag Put your talent to good use by making yourself or a friend this splendid bag. In no time you could have a one-of-a-kind bag by mixing up the colors LW4398 Girl's ruffled Skirt Can you say precious? This is a must for any little girl. She will just love the ruffles to add that special flare to her skirt. I predict a smile and a hug from your sweet little one. GoTeamHandChainScarf What is your favorite sport? No matter what team you follow most people support them by wearing the team colors. This catchy little scarf can be finished in just minutes. All you have to do is hand chain and tie it off. So simple that I have done it with my eyes closed. LW3773 Wrapped Charm Necklace Do you have a necklace laying around that you haven't worn in a while? Make something old new again just by adding a short piece of Sashay through the chains. Change out the colors and you could have a matching necklace for everything in your wardrobe.