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Personalize Your Patterns with Free Grid Paper

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Do you love adding initials to your projects? We've got some great news for you — free grid paper so you can personalize all your projects! Use the grid paper to plan out words and letters to add or come up with your own shapes and designs.

Choosing Which Grid

We have three versions available: square, vertical rectangles, and horizontal rectangles. The squares are, well, square, with a 1:1 ratio. The vertical rectangles have a 1.25:1 ratio, and the horizontal rectangles have a 1:1.25 ratio. There are slightly bolder lines every ten blocks in each direction, to make counting easier.

Choose whichever paper best fits the shape of your stitches. First, check your gauge on your swatch, and see how many rows and stitches you have in 4" [10 cm]. Next, pick the grid that most closely corresponds.

You can print off as many sheets as you'd like of the paper, so don't be afraid to do multiple drafts until you have everything planned just as you'd like it.

Using the Grid Paper

You can use the paper to plan for many different techniques: