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Sewing on Sequin Trim

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Sewing on Sequin Trim

Sequin trims come in a variety of configurations—from a single line to wider bands. Most wider bands are best attached by hand, but single strands can easily be attached by machine.

Whether you’re creating an edging of a single line of sequin trim, or you’re planning multiple rows to form a more blingy border, Coats & Clark Transparent thread is the best choice for unobtrusive stitching. Available in smoke or clear, this thread tends to blend with the bling and is much less obvious than the stitches sewn with All-purpose thread in a compatible color.

Sewing on Sequin Trim

Coats Transparent Thread — Clear

Sewing on Sequin Trim

Coats Transparent Thread — Smoke.

Check with your sewing machine dealer for a special foot used to guide sequin trims. There’s a slot in the foot front to feed the sequin trim through while you stitch over it with a wide, open zigzag stitch. If you don’t have a special foot, use a presser foot with open toes and a wide opening for good visibility as you stitch.

Sewing on Sequin Trim

Fancy Trim Foot. Photo courtesy of Viking.

With transparent thread in the needle and a bobbin thread that matches the base fabric, set the machine for a zigzag that’s just barely wider than the sequin strand. Test that you’re not puncturing sequins as that’s hard on the needle and it ruins the appearance of the trim. Use a fairly long stitch length for unobtrusive stitches.

Sewing on Sequin Trim

Open toe foot. Photo courtesy of Bernina

Pin or glue the sequin strand in place prior to stitching unless you’re simply adding a meandering trim with freehand placement. Sew over the strand and anchor the stitching ends. Use a pin to tuck the zigzags under the sequins to minimize the stitch visibility.

Though it takes a bit longer, sequin trim can also be attached by hand, carefully placing stitches under the sequins so no thread appears on the strand surface.