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Can’t find the perfect cat toy at the pet store? Knit your own cat toys with these free knit cat toy patterns! You know what kind of toys your kitty loves to play with the most. If you’re not satisfied with the options available at the pet store, why not make your own? Knitting a cat toy is also a fun challenge that even beginners can take on. Show your furry critter how much you love them by adding to their stash of cat toys.

Cats are natural predators, even your snuggly house cat. They sleep all the time to store energy for hunting. Give them an outlet by knitting them adorable cat toys to chase around your home. The activity will also help them lose weight and stay healthy.

Knit Cat Toy Patterns for Free

Knitting cat toys for your feline friend is great for beginner knitters – if you can keep them from stealing your yarn while you work. These free knit cat toy patterns use Bernat yarn and Lily Sugar‘n Cream, which you can easily stuff with catnip, honeysuckle or leave empty.

Knit Cat Patterns for Charity

If your favorite furry creature already has more knitted cat toys than you know what to do with, consider turning your needles toward charity. Find out about local cat shelters that accept donations in your community. It’s not just cat toys that local shelters and animal hospitals need either. There’s also high demand for blankets, which are used to keep cats warm after veterinary surgery, and to give them a cozy place to curl up when they’re confined to cages. Catch-and-release programs that spay and neuter feral cats may also need blankets.

Yarnspirations loves cats and dogs. Find tons of knitting patterns for pets available for free right here.

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