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Pet Knit Patterns

Time to spoil your fur babies! Knit or crochet your dog an adorable dog coat to help keep them warm on colder days, or maybe a little cat bed for the kitty that sleeps 16 hours a day. Maybe sneak a little catnip or a jingly ball into a toy for your favorite feline to keep them occupied while you're at work. Be a good paw parent by treating your pets to one of these sweet projects!

Knit Dog Sweater Patterns for Beginners

Dog sweaters and dog coats aren’t just adorable, they also keep your pup warm and cozy on those cold winter walks. If you live in a cold climate, your dog might actually need a dog coat, since many pets aren’t genetically dispositioned for the winter weather. While you can safely skip a dog sweater for your Bernese, check out these knit dog sweater patterns for beginners if your dog has a lighter coat of fur.

Knit Pet Toy Patterns

If your furry companion is of the feline persuasion, you will want to check out these knit pet toy patterns. You can create a whole host of squeezable stuffed cat toys to help your cat spend their energy after a long day of napping. Catnip toys will really make them go wild. Cats are natural predators, however domesticated they are. These knitted cat toys help them reconnect with their ferocious instincts!

Knitted dog and cat beds are another great knit pattern for pets. Your animals will love having a cozy place just for them to snuggle into. Besides showing your love for your animal companions, many dog and cat shelters also need dog and cat beds, blankets, and more to keep their animals comfortable. Consider quick and easy knitting patterns for pets that you can donate to charity.

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