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Men – Scarves

Look fashionable and dashing in a classic knitted men’s scarf! The right scarf keeps you warm and stylish in all seasons. Men’s scarves are a must-have fashion accessory if you know how to wear them. When you knit your own scarves, you can make sure it’s just right. There are a few simple rules to men’s scarves. It always pays off to have multiple scarves in your wardrobe. You want to control the weight and keep it appropriate for the season. It’s too early in October to be pulling out heavy winter scarves! Scarves are a great accessory for playing with contrast. You can also learn a few different ways to wear them, such as a casual loop, wrap and tuck or the bib.

Scarf Patterns for Men

If you’re looking for men’s knit patterns, look no further. These classic and modern scarf patterns for men will make a great gift idea or a skill building challenge for knitters. They range from easy patterns for beginners like the Caron Camouflage Scarf to scarf patterns made for intermediate knitters like the truly sharp Patons Diamond Scarf, a great introduction to intarsia knitting. Challenge yourself with these knit scarf patterns for men or add them to your own wardrobe.

Free Easy Knitting Patterns for Men’s Scarves

Use your favorite yarns in these free easy knit patterns for men’s scarves. There are plenty of options to personalize your next scarf with different yarns or colors. From light and airy fall scarves to thick and chunky winter scarves, you can find a free pattern here. You can also find winter style inspiration in our Lookbooks and download plenty of free knit patterns.

Knitting men’s scarves can be fun and easy or an exciting challenge for the more experienced knitter. Find the pattern that’s just right for your interests and skill level and get knitting!

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