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Gloves & Mittens

Kids – Gloves and Mittens

Keep the kids cozy with homemade knitted gloves and mittens! When the leaves start to change color, or snow starts to fall, it gets cold out there and your kids need to keep their hands warm. Knit mittens keep their fingers warm and give them hours of playtime in the snow. Just because it’s cold out doesn’t mean kids shouldn’t be outdoors and playing. There’s a winter wonderland of adventure waiting out there full of snowmen, toboggans, forts and snowballs. Knit them a pair of gloves and mittens so they (and you) don’t have to worry about the cold.

Basic Mittens Knitting Patterns

To get started, you need a mitten knitting pattern. Yarnspirations has lots of basic mitten knitting patterns. They are detailed, come with instructional videos, and automatically take you to the yarn choices you need for the project. Just order online and you can start on your free basic mitten knitting pattern right away. We also have knitting needle recommendations that are best suited to the pattern. You can always find patterns that fit the yarns and needles you already have, too.

Easy Knit Mittens for Beginners

Knitting has never been easier. Try out these patterns for easy knit mittens for beginners and soon you will have more mittens than you know what to do with. Give them as gifts or donate them to charity! You can find patterns made for knitters of all skill levels. With some of our easy and beginner patterns, you’ll only need to know the basics of knitting. Our patterns come with detailed instructions and a quick guide to the abbreviations used in knitting patterns.

Gloves and mittens for kids are a classic knitting project. Stretch your knitting skills and make sure the kids keep warm this winter!

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