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Afghans & Blankets – Home décor

There’s nothing nicer than curling up under an afghan, blanket or throw on the couch on a cold day. Seasonal knit throws, blankets, and afghans are easy home décor projects you can start working on today with these free afghan patterns. Choose your favorite yarns and customize your patterns and colors with dozens of free afghan patterns right here. Swapping colors and trying different styles can make a dramatic difference in any afghan knitting pattern. The possibilities are endless when you let yourself get creative with afghan, blanket and throw knitting patterns.

Knitted Blanket Patterns for Beginners

With over a hundred free afghan & blanket knitting patterns, you’re guaranteed to find a design that fits your home and that you can knit at your skill level. We have dozens of patterns fit for beginner, easy and intermediate projects. If you’re still new to knitting, there are tons of knitted blanket patterns for beginners. Afghans are a wonderful project to take on to practice your knitting skills and create something lovely for your own home or as a gift. If you need ideas for easy handmade gifts, these free beginner afghan patterns can be done in no time.

Free Knitted Blanket Patterns

Whatever your preferences in home décor, there’s a free afghan or blanket knitting pattern for you. Do you prefer traditional blankets and throws such as granny squares, woven looks, crystal lace or chevron knit? Or do want to knit something modern and stylish, such as log cabin squares or ripple and ridge? Afghans, blankets and throws can go with any style of living room. There’s no better way to get a blanket that fits your home style preferences than making it yourself.

Let your imagine run wild with your next knitting project. Explore these free knit afghan, blanket and throw patterns to try out in your home.

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