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New Knit Tools by Susan Bates


For all we talk about yarn, we sometimes forget to mention the things that make our projects possible: knitting needles and cool accessories! Susan Bates ® has released some really neat new items and we wanted to make sure you don't miss out on a thing.

If you are someone who likes to have several projects going at the same time you might run into a needle shortage, but don't worry! The Circular Stitch Holder is a flexible cord with a stopper on one end, and a size US-6 needle on the other. Just slide your project onto the holder, cap the holder and €˜steal' your needles back for the next project! This stitch holder would also come in handy for holding parts of projects that need to be joined up later.

Speaking of holding things, the Extendable Stitch Holders are great for projects on the go. There are two adjustable sizes, medium and large, and both are designed to hold single and double pointed needles.

Wanting to go BIG with your knitting? Look no further than the Xtreme Wood Knitting Needles! They're perfect for our Irresistible yarn and come in straight and circular options.

Want to learn how to knit? Do you know someone who wants to learn, but need help teaching them? Our updated Learn to Knit Kits are a perfect starting point. The book features 15 easy projects and left and right hand instructions. The kits feature either straight or circular needles, so let your preference lead the way! Both kits come with two sets of needles, a Knit Check, row counter and much more! Pair these kits with your favorite free knit patterns for the ultimate surprise.