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Kid's Craft Tassel Necklace by Guest Blogger Jessie

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My daughter Vada and I would like to share some photos with you to help you create the fun tassel necklace made with Red Heart Sizzle. Be sure to check out the pattern for all the details so you and your little one can create your own necklace!


First you will need to collect all your supplies. Vada LOVES those bright colors.


Now it is time to wrap the color you have chosen for your tassel around a deck of cards or something else around that shape. Be careful, that yarn sure can tickle as it slides through your fingers. Vada had a hard time not giggling uncontrollably. It's hard to get a good photo of a giggly child; they keep ending up blurry!


Thread your necklace yarn onto your yarn needle, and slide it under all the wraps. Pull it half way through, and tie a knot. Adult assistance may be needed for the knot.


At this point, being a twin is handy, but if you do not have a twin, another set of hands will do. I was able to wrap the third color around my tassel myself, but Vada really did need someone else to hold the tassel while she wrapped the yarn around it.


Tie it tight (adult help may be needed again) and thread the tied ends through the middle of the tassel. Clip the ends to the desired length.


Now wear with a smile, and make another for a friend!


Crochet Thread Association: Red Heart Sizzle