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O'Go™ is an innovative new yarn format that is tangle-free and quick-start. Available in your favorite brands: Bernat, Red Heart, Caron. See pattern collection or learn more tips & tricks.

Tangle-free. Quick-start.


1. Snip

Gently locate the fastener cord where the two ends of O’Go meet. Snip.


2. Pull

Holding the join, pull fastener cord out of O’Go.


3. Stitch

The yarn flows smoothly from the outside of O’Go. No tangles.

New yarn format!

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Bernat Blanket O'Go Introducing Bernat

Bernat Blanket yarn now in O'Go format — each with three coordinating shades.


Caron Colorama O'Go Introducing Caron Colorama O'Go

Caron Colorama is a bulky weight acrylic yarn; perfect for fast and colorful stitching.


Red Heart Super saver O'Go Introducing Red Heart Super saver O'Go

Red Heart Super Saver combines your favorite yarn with the smooth flow of O’Go.


Caron Big Donut O'Go Introducing Caron

Caron Big Donut is a worsted weight acrylic yarn with built-in stripes for easy color play.