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  • Blanket Statements

    12 knit and crochet projects for every corner of your life. Wrap yourself up in this mix of garments and afghans and get ready for the cooler months.

  • Stitch It Forward

    Give the gift of handmade with these 28 knit and crochet patterns to make and donate.

  • Gray Matters

    Timeless and beautifully designed knit and crochet patterns home decor patterns that the whole family will love are the perfect way to start the new year and make a cozy home.

  • Winter Calm

    A winter time collection of knit and crochet patterns with cozy textures, and soft colors to keep you warm and make everyday feel like a lazy Sunday!

  • Spring Refresh

    Shake out this collection of knit and crochet projects that will help you clean in those pesky corners! 12 New Spring Patterns Made in 100% cotton, they are all durable and easy to clean.

  • Stitchflix

    Season 1: Snuggle Up & Watch with 17 new knit and crochet patterns. Season 2: Featuring 5 new binge-worthy projects!.

  • Snowed In

    Start a new knit or crochet project with these soft and cozy patterns. They are perfect to wrap yourself up in, so get stitching! #FINDYOURHYGGE

  • Living Color

    Vibrant pops of cool and warm colors breathe life in this collection of knit and crochet patterns.

  • Green House

    The lighter, brighter days of spring have arrived, so join us as we bring the outdoors inside with a contemporary and playful collection of 13 projects.

  • Foodie Baby

    Our Foodie Baby Lookbook is inspired by our love for deliciously cute and irresistible knit & crochet patterns for all babies, even your fur babies! Our designers have created free knit & crochet patterns almost as sweet as the intended recipients.

  • Stitchflix Season 3

    Now presenting Stitchflix Season 3! Our snuggle sacks are back for another season and this time we’ve got more movie-themed knit and crochet projects for the whole family!

  • Mindful Making

    Improve your stitching skills and de-stress your mind with these 12 meditative, knit and crochet projects which are great to make for those you love, including yourself.

  • Pic-knit

    Our new Pic-knit lookbook showcases 11 new knit and crochet projects to make for picnics in the park or sunny days at the beach. These summer accessories are convenient, easy to make and made with machine washable yarns that come in plenty of colors!

  • Patons Warm Minimalism

    Classic baby shades are paired with modern accents, featuring yarns that are soft against your little one's sensitive skin. Add some excitement tot he everyday with these 13 knit and crochet projects for baby.

  • Stitchful Resolutions

    Start the New Year on a positive note with 18 free patterns that will help you keep all of your stitchful resolutions!

  • Blanket EZ

    These no tool knitting patterns are perfect for those with busy schedules yet have the desire to be creative in their free time.