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How to Make Any Scarf a Super Scarf

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Our designer Nicole’s step-by-step guide of how to make any scarf a super scarf!

Get your needles and hooks ready because Super Sized scarves are the hottest trend right now when it comes to winter accessories! We’ve noticed them on the runway and are already spotting them in stores, but as crafters we know the best scarf is a handmade one! However, what if you love the look of a scarf but it isn’t quite…. Well…. Super enough? Luckily some simple calculations can help you ramp up almost any scarf pattern with a simple stitch repeat into mega proportions! To get that dramatic Super Scarf look, it’s best to exaggerate the measurements and aim for a width of between 10-15” wide by at least 100” long! Now that’s a scarf!

We took two of our most popular scarf patterns, one knit & one crochet and gave them the Super Scarf treatment. Here’s how:

Easy Knit Scarf

Easy Knit Super Scarf

When this scarf was originally designed, it was made to measure 6½” (16.5 cm) wide x 63” (160 cm) long.

The stitch pattern in this scarf is a multiple of 6 sts + 5, calling to work the pattern over 17 stitches. To determine approximately how many stitches you’d need to get a scarf 10” wide, you’ll need to do some simple math.

First, Divide the number of stitches by the final width of the scarf:

17/6.5 = 2.6

This means in the current pattern, there are 2.6 stitches per inch. To calculate how many you’d need for a 10” wide scarf, multiply the number of stitches per inch by your desired width:

2.6 x 10 = 26.

So now we know that 26 stitches will bring us to approximately 10”. The only problem? 26 is not divisible by 6 + 5. We can get close though, by working the stitch pattern over 29 sts (6 x 4 = 24. 24 + 5 = 29) Besides, when it comes to super scarves, a couple of stitches never hurt anyone, right?

Easy Crochet Scarf

Easy Crochet Scarf

For the crochet Super scarf, we did the same thing with this Popular Pattern

As written, this scarf is 7” (18 cm) wide, worked over 18 sts. The pattern repeat used in this design is a multiple of 4 sts + 2.

18/7 = 2.57

2.57 stitches per inch x 10” = 25.7.

So we need somewhere in the neighbourhood of 26 stitches to get a 10” wide scarf. 26 is divisible by 4+2, however, to account for the fact that you work the first cluster into the 5th ch from hook, it’s recommended to add some chains to account for that. Bumping up to the next number divisible by 4+2 brings the total number of chains to 30, which ends up equalling 10” wide.

So now what? Now that you’ve figured out how many stitches you need to get that Super sized width, you can follow along the pattern, taking into account the fact that you have more stitches than originally called for. Then just kick back and go… and go….. and go… until your scarf is long. Like, really long. Once you have that runway look and your scarf is measuring approximately 100”, you can finish off according to the original pattern. **Remember though, in order to get a scarf that is almost double the length, you’ll need double the amount of yarn! Generally, doubling the ball amounts is a safe bet – you’ll need that extra yarn to create beautiful, lush tassels or fringe when you’re done!

To finish off the scarf, consider adding fringe (remember though, to keep the scarf proportional, cut lengths of yarn at least 20” (51 cm) long. If your fringe is too short, it will look awkward. Don’t be shy about fringe either – it’s sad to see a gorgeous scarf with skimpy fringe – fill that fringe out! Make it lush! Also, consider adding tassels for an ultra trendy look! You can make 4 big tassels and attach one to each corner at the ends of your scarf!

After you’ve super sized your scarf there’s only one thing left to do – go out there and strut your stuff!

Finished Super Scarf

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