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Make a Mega Macrame Necklace!

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Last weekend the Yarnspirations gang joined thousands of knitty-types at the annual, Vogue Knitting Live show in New York. In the spirit of the saying, “What’s old is new again!” we enticed stitchers to set down their needles for a sec and try their hand at making a simple, 5-minute macrame necklace. We had a blast!

We didn’t want those who couldn’t make it to the event, though to miss out on the fun. So grab some supplies and make-along at home! Oh, and don’t forget to hashtag #MegaBulky if you share a photo of your necklace on social media. We love seeing folks’ finished projects!


1 Ball Mega Bulky(10.5 oz/300 g; 64 yds/58 m)

1-2 Darice Wooden Beads (found at craft stores)



Optional: Necklace Clasp


Step 1

Cut 3 strands of Bernat Mega Bulky yarn approx. 36″ [91.c cm] long.

Steps 2 & 3

Mega Macrame Necklace Step 2


Fold 2nd strand in half, then fold over center point of 1st strand; feed tails through loop created by fold-over; pull through to make knot.

Repeat Step 3 with 3rd strand.

You will now have 4 “fringe” strands hanging from necklace strand.

Step 4

Mega Macrame Necklace step 4

Using yarn needle to assist, thread center 2 strands through one of the beads.

Step 5

Mega Macrame Necklace Step 5.1

Tie Square Knot as follows:

* Lay strand on far right side over center two strands, and under the strand on far left side.

Mega Macrame Necklace Step 5.2

* Bring strand on far left side under the center two strands, then up through the loop created by the strand on far right side. Pull so that knot sits close to the bottom of bead.

Mega Macrame Necklace Step 5.3

* Lay strand on far left over center two strands, and under strand on far right side.

Mega Macrame Necklace Step 5.4

* Bring strand on far right side under the center two strands;

Mega Macrame Necklace Step 5.5

* then up through the loop created by the strand on the far left side. Pull to complete knot.

Mega Macrame Neckalce Step 5.6

Optional: Repeat Steps 4 & 5 for additional bead.


Separate hanging plies to create fringe.

Knot or add jewelry clasp to necklace strand

Here are a pictures of just some of the crafty types who stopped by the Yarspirations booth at Vogue Knitting Live, NYC to make a necklace!

Mega Macrame Necklace




P.S. Psst! Don’t forget to bookmark this project as an activity for birthday parties, scout meetings and summer camps!

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