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Patons Hempster Yarn Review

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Patons Hempster is one of the many hidden gems on Yarnspirations! This hemp and cotton blend yarn is perfect for all your summer totes and bags both in knit and crochet. Hempster yarn is light, all natural, and creates amazing stitch definition. The key ingredient, Hemp, is one of those materials that has made a big comeback in recent years. It’s sustainable, eco-friendly, and creates a unique look!


What makes it so sustainable? Hemp earned the nickname “weed” because it’s so easy to grow! No pesticides are usually needed, it requires very little water to grow compared to other crops, and it returns up to 70% of the nutrients it uses back into the soil. The farmer’s daughter in me is very happy with that!

To make hemp into yarn, first, the long strands of fiber in the plant stalk are separated from the bark through a process called “retting.” The fibers are then spun into a thread, that can be turned into cloth or yarn. The fibers are spun dry for delicate threads or wet for coarser use. Hemp fiber for clothing has been in use since at least 800 BC! From rough homespun to luxurious silk blends, horse bridles to sandals, it has been cultivated for its fiber for thousands of years.

  • Available Only In United States and Canada
  • Available Only In United States and Canada
  • Available Only In United States and Canada
  • Available Only In United States and Canada
  • Available Only In United States and Canada

Patons Hempster takes all the wonderful things about hemp and blends it with cotton – another favorite! This gives it added softness, and a wonderful hand, while keeping that saturated all-natural look. It’s a DK weight, which keeps it from being too thick and stiff, while being heavy enough for everyday projects. With Hempster, you get a matte, linen-y, slightly slubby, and gorgeous yarn.

Hempster really is great for knit and crochet tote bags! There are several cute tote patterns on Yarnspirations that you can download for free. I really love the look of the Patons Mock-Rame Crochet Bag in particular, and it inspired one of my own designs, the Patons Crochet Plant Hanger pattern. This is a perfect home décor accessory for all plant lovers, and it is easy to make with only one ball of Patons Hempster yarn! While this pattern is all crochet, the simple diamond cables worked up in white Hempster give it a “macrame” look.

But with all the beautiful shades of Patons Hempster available, you can create your own beautiful plant hanger to match your décor and style! And if you’re looking for yet another pattern featuring Patons Hempster, check out my Rainbow Bobble Bag – it’s a great everyday tote where this yarn really shines! To check out more of my creations head over to Enjoy getting to know Hempster!