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FALL in love with this season’s coziest colors!

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FALL in love with this season’s coziest colors

Would it be much of a stretch to declare this time of year a favorite of Knitters and Crocheters? After a long summer, we finally get to reach for cozy sweaters and accessories when we go out to enjoy the crispness in the air. At home, now’s our chance to snuggle beneath beloved blankets with a warm drink while we prepare for the winter.

And of course, there’s the colors! This season, we have a beautiful palette to wrap ourselves in, and if there’s one thing that gets a stitcher’s pulse to quicken, it’s a beautiful shade range! Deep, moody jewel tones, optimistic brights and modern yet nostalgic pastels are everywhere! Luckily, the new O’Go format makes playing around with color a cinch! Shades in the O’Go can be easily separated to create unique combinations, or if you’d rather sit back and let the yarn do it’s thing, we’ve got patterns for that, too! The possibilities are endless!

We’ve all been spending a lot more time at home, and it’s making me wonder... “How many blankets is too many?” Luckily, I’ve decided the answer to that is “No such thing!”

Our homes are our nests, and what better way to cozy them up than with handmade soft, snuggly blankets? Our two favorite yarns for beautiful home dec - Red Heart Super Saver and Bernat Blanket are both available in O’Go format, opening the door to a world of exciting color choices for home decor!

In these patterns, O’Go has been expertly engineered to hit on the hottest home decor and color trends. Bernat Blanket O’Go features 3 shades in each O’Go, allowing for a versatile selection of colors!

More of an ‘O’Go with the Flow’ type? Would you rather let the yarn do its thing and marvel at the results? Here, we’ve designed the perfect projects to snuggle up with, using the yarn as it appears in the O’Go!

Color trends in fashion this season are similar to those of Home Dec – rich earthy shades, bright, optimistic colors and grounding pastels are all over the shops, and our yarn!

We’ve designed an exciting range of sweaters and accessories that use O’Go in clever ways to really optimize your experience. If you’re curious about combining colors to make your own dynamic pieces, these projects are for you! These patterns have been written with O’Go specifically in mind, making sure you get the most out of the fabulous colors. Have fun coming up with your own combinations or make them as shown – either way, you’re sure to have a winner on your hands once you’re done!

If you prefer to just snip your O’Go and get started with the good stuff, these garments and accessories may be more to your liking. Just because you’re using the yarn as it winds (effortlessly, by the way) off the O’Go doesn’t mean your project is going to be any less exciting! In these projects, we go with the flow - just pick your. Favorite O’Go and... Go!

We hope you love working with O’Go and all the wonderful colors available in this format, and we can’t wait to see what you create!