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Looks for Weekend Fun

One of our favorite pieces right now is the Honeycomb Aran Dress - sweaterdresses are great because they're versatile, and make choosing an outfit a cinch!

Window Shopping

One of the easiest (and most comfortable) ways to wear a sweaterdress, is to throw it on over a pair of leggings. Leather-like leggings and sneakers make this out super casual and cozy when you’re on the go!

Honeycomb Aran Dress Casual Cool


For days that you want to be casual and cool, like brunch with friends, a sweaterdress is a great choice. Paired with chunky heeled boots, and topped off with a light jacket, this is a multi-seasonal look.

Honeycomb Aran Dress Easy Going Brunch Outfit

Sunday Matinee

You can easily dress it up with tights, a statement necklace, and a collared shirt for Sunday matinees, or dinners out! This look is also great for the office.

Honeycomb Aran Dress Sunday Best Look

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