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Glam Up Your Holidays

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As I sat watching the leaves change colors each weekend this fall, I realized that Christmas would be here before I knew it. What would I do for my yearly craft? This year I decided to add a bit of Glam to the holidays with a tree made with Red Heart Boutique Swanky yarn. The sequins made for an already decorated look to a very simple project. This project does not take a lot of time but yields a beautiful and glamorous look to the holiday decorations.

Supplies Needed


  • One skein Red Heart Boutique Swanky #9401 Sterling
  • Susan Bates Aluminum Crochet Hook Size H/5.00mm
  • One Styrofoam cone 3 7/8 inches by 8 7/8 (size can vary)
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Tweezers
  • Optional Items: Paper Clip and Tree Topper (small star shaped ornament)


1. Made a tight ball of yarn the same size as the top of the cone, as seen in picture on right. Cut end and set aside.

Step 1 BallStep 1 on Cone confirming size

2. Start chain for bottom of cone. The chain needs to be able to wrap once around the bottom of the cone. Gauge is not important. The chain makes a finished look and keeps the yarn from slipping off of the cone.

3. Using the hot glue gun, glue the chain to the bottom of the cone as seen in picture on left.

Chain around cone

4. Once chain is in place start with the working end on chain wrapping the yarn around the cone. Work from the bottom up to the top of the cone several times to secure yarn.

Beginning to wrap

5. Back at the bottom wrap yarn to cover the foam cone slowly working from the bottom to about an inch from the top of the cone.

Stopping to put ball on

6. Hot glue ball made in Step 1 to the top of the cone.

7. Continue wrapping yarn around the remaining portion of the cone and ball. Only cover ball half way when wrapping. This covers the top of the cone.

Wrapping to cover top of cone

8. Tuck in end so it is not seen.

9. With tweezers lightly pull sequins out from under the yarn to show as ornaments on the tree.

Optional top for tree:

10. Using the hot glue gun, attach the paperclip to the small star shaped ornament.

11. Stick the paperclip through the ball on the top of the tree, making sure to hold the ball in place so it doesn't move.

Optional Step 1Optional Step 2Single-Tree