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Cro-Shayley Makes a Baby St. Patrick's Day Chapeau

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St. Patrick's Day Chapeau

Top 'o the mornin' to ya!

St. Patrick's Day is right around the corner and my little boy wants to be prepared! As I was reading through Donna's Dozen: Lucky You creative ideas for St. Patrick's Day blog, I came across the St. Patrick's Day Chapeau pattern and questioned how could I make this for a 4 month old baby. I skimmed through the pattern and realized it uses 2 strands of Super Saver yarn for the hat. I was feeling LUCKY so I tried the pattern with only 1 strand of Super Saver yarn and what do you fits my little leprechaun!

I followed the steps in the pattern for the ""Small Size"" crocheting the hat and brim first using a H8/5mm crochet hook instead.


Moving on to the Hat Band.


Then to the Buckle.


Then sewing the buckle to front of hat band.


Then on to making the 3 leaf clover (I only made 1 with the stem).


Then sewing the clover to the band and the band to the hat.


Here's my little leprechaun wearing his St. Patrick's Day Chapeau.


My mom was a kindergarten and first grade teacher when I grew up and she had a song for pretty much every occasion. The St. Patrick's Day song she would sing was and still is my absolute favorite. I just wish I could find the song online to share but after searching for so long I just gave up. All I could find in my search were the lyrics. Here you go:

Little Leprechaun, little leprechaun, little leprechaun, hello.
Little Leprechaun, little leprechaun, you're a leprechaun, I know.
You're a cute little elf, if I say so myself,
When you pop up in green every March 17.
Little Leprechaun, little leprechaun, little leprechaun, hello.
Though you'll disappear for another year, you'll be back again, I know.

-""St. Patrick's Day Songs that Tickle Your Funny Bone"" By Ruth Roberts & Bill Katz

Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone!