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How to Finish a Knitting Project

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After you cast off, you will want to finish your knit project to create a polished appearance. The time and care it takes to knit a project will be wasted if the finishing is sloppy; good finishing is the difference between "handcrafted" and "hand-made". Finishing methods depend largely on the end purpose of the project (pillow, afghan, garment) and the yarn you use to create the piece.

Almost all knitting projects will require the ends of the yarn to be woven in securely so the project will not come undone. There are multiple methods depending on the project type and the yarn used.

Depending on the yarn, you may need to block your work. Unless otherwise instructed in the pattern, you should always weave in your ends before you block, and block before you assemble the finished item. Blocking is less necessary with man-made fibers than with natural fibers.

Projects that were made in pieces will need to be assembled. For example, you may attach the sleeves on a sweater or add a a flower applique to a hat. While the assembly can be done as you make the project on some patterns, on others you will need to attach the pieces together at the end either through sewing or crocheting them together.

Other finishing steps that may be taken include adding borders, adding buttons or ties, or working embroidery on the piece.