Summertime Tassel Sandals

Tassels are everywhere this summer! I've seen them on bags, shirts, key fobs and blankets. One idea has caught my eye more than once, tasseled sandals! I found some cute, strappy sandals and decided to give them a boho chic makeover.

To give you more options, I've made two versions, one using Aunt Lydia's Fashion 3 crochet thread, and one in Aunt Lydia's Classic 10 crochet thread.

Let's get started!



Colors used:
Aunt Lydia's Fashion 3
12 Black
65 Warm Teal
264 Lime
Aunt Lydia's Classic 10
422 Golden Yellow
493 French Rose
487 Dark Royal
226 Natural


1. Cut a 2 yard length of thread. Wrap it around your cardstock.tassel-sandal-2

2. Cut a 10 piece of thread (option - use a contrasting color) and insert into yarn needle. Slip needle under the yarn wraps. Tie it tightly.


3. Cut end opposite the tie; remove from cardstock.


4. Cut a 10 piece of thread for wrapping the top of your tassel (option - use a contrasting color). Wrap several times and then tie the two ends together.


5. Thread ends on to the yarn needle. Thread your needle over top of wrap and down through the middle of the tassel to hide the ends. Cut the ends so they will be hidden in center of tassel.


6. Trim lower ends of tassel to your desired length.


7. Keep making tassels in different color combinations until you have enough to go around the ankle section of your sandals. For both options I made 3 of each color, with a main color and contrasting color for the ties and wrap parts.


8. Tie your tassels directly on the leather strap, or make loops and slip them on after pulling the strap free of the first ankle loop. I tried both ways after not being happy with my first color pattern. I would recommend tying them on, so they stay in place easier.


Here are my finished sandals!


Get creative with your placement, I added an extra tassel to the top of one sandal for extra fun.


Happy tassel making! When you're finished, share your sandals with us on Instagram (use #redheartyarns) or Facebook!