O'Go Tips and Tricks

Caron Colorama O'Go yarn ball shot

All the info about your O’Go is right on the label including the shade name, yarn weight, knitting and crochet gauge, and care instructions. Access hundreds of free patterns by scanning the QR code.

Saving your yarn information image

Saving your yarn information

Save your yarn detail

Clip and save the yarn details and store it with your O'Go for easy reference.
Tip: See Storage Ideas below

Quick start step 1 ball shot

1. Snip

Gently locate the fastener cord where the two ends of O’Go meet. Snip.

Quick start step 2 ball shot

2. pull

Holding the join, pull fastener cord out of O’Go.

Quick start step 3 ball shot

3. stitch

The yarn flows smoothly from the outside of O’Go. No tangles.

WATCH: How To Quick-Start

There are two ways to use your O’Go

1) Break It. Make It. — separate the colors for easy color play.

2) Just O’Go — stitch it through from one end to the other.

Two ways to O'Go

Note: Stripe placement on product may vary.

Pattern shown here: Caron Knit Hat On The Go

WATCH: How To Separate Your O’Go Colors

Color play logo

Break it and make it to customize your color placement

To customize your colors, simply separate your O’Go into its color segments, then stitch them in any order you like. Break it up, stitch it up and make it your own!

O'Go yarn in five different shades

Caron Crochet Big Bargello Bands Scarf​  Pattern

Striping from end to end

To Just O’Go with the colors, simply stitch your O’Go yarn from start to finish and let the stripes form themselves.

working with O'Go image

Use the handy guide below to help organize your O’Go pattern colors. Refer to the O’Go diagram in the materials section of your pattern (eg shown above) to identify color A, B, C etc. Print this chart and tape a short length of the appropriate color to each labeled square.

print chart

Color play yarn

Store your O’Go - intact or in segments - in a labeled reusable bags.

O'Go yarn balls

Like all striping yarns, each O’Go is unique and might not start and end with the same color. If the shade you need isn’t within reach, simply break it and make it using O’Go's easy color separation to get to the color you need. Then join your yarn and keep on stitching.
Tip: See Color Play above


  • The new quick-start, tangle-free yarn format.

O’Go with the flow

  • Stitching your O’Go from start to finish for striping ease.

Color Play

  • Breaking the O’Go up into segments of color to be used in any desired order.

Color Segments

  • The individual blocks of color within each.

Fastener cord

  • A plastic string in the center of the O’Go to be cut before starting to stitch.

get going with o'go