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Introducing Bernat Blanket O’Go

Introducing Bernat Blanket O’Go

Image of Introducing Bernat Blanket Confetti thumbnail

Introducing Bernat Blanket Confetti

Bernat Blanket Confetti brings pops of colorful confetti to your favorite Bernat Blanket yarn. The chenille-style yarn creates plush, warm projects ideal for blankets, afghans and other home decor treasures. The super bulk weight stitches up quickly and is machine washable.

Image of Introducing Bernat Blanket Sparkle thumbnail

Introducing Bernat Blanket Sparkle

Bernat® Blanket Spark brings a twinkle to your favorite blanket yarn. With the glimmer built right in, Bernat Blanket Sparkle lets your home décor projects shine.

Image of Introducing Bernat Plush Big thumbnail

Introducing Bernat Plush Big

Bernat® Plush Big™ is the perfect yarn for fast home decor projects that can use both a needle/hook and hands. The soft, squishy velour shell adds a unique texture to your next home décor projects. The thick yarn mean you can make projects in a flash.

Image of Introducing Bernat Suede-ish thumbnail

Introducing Bernat Suede-ish

The strength and softness of suede come to you in this unique tape-style yarn that is ideal for making baskets, rugs, placemats, and tapestries. The yarn’s flat shape makes high-contrast stitches in a gentle, yet durable fabric.

Image of Introducing Bernat Fabwoolous thumbnail

Introducing Bernat Fabwoolous

There’s a new member of the Bernat family of yarns and it’s truly fabulous! A blend of acrylic and superwash wool, Bernat® Fabwoolous™ combines the lightness and warmth of wool with the vibrant colors and versatility you’ve come to expect from Bernat.

Image of Introducing Bernat Velvet Twist thumbnail

Introducing Bernat Velvet Twist

For a luxurious twist on your favorite velvet yarn, make your next project with Bernat Velvet Twist

Image of Introducing Bernat Tie Dye-ish thumbnail

Introducing Bernat Tie Dye-ish

Introducing Bernat Tie-Dye-ish yarn. Explore the vibrant and tie-dye inspired color variations.

Image of Introducing Bernat Sheepy thumbnail

Introducing Bernat Sheepy

Bernat® Sheepy™ is a new 100% nylon yarn that mimics fleecy shearling. Sheepy's plush and fluffy texture makes it perfect for a wide variety of home decor and baby projects. This Oeko-tex certified super bulky yarn also comes in a big ball format, making it quick to stitch up while...

Image of Introducing Bernat Forever Fleece thumbnail

Introducing Bernat Forever Fleece

Sink into the beautifully soft fleecy texture of Bernat Forever Fleece. The brushed, fluffy texture makes light and bright home décor projects that you’ll love to show off. The super bulky weight means that projects made with Bernat Forever Fleece don’t take too long to make – they stitch up...

Image of Introducing Bernat Blanket EZ Graph It thumbnail

Introducing Bernat Blanket EZ Graph It

EZ loops now come in a double format that lets your build reversible graphic images right into your plush and cuddly projects. The double row of pre-formed loops on Bernat Alize Blanket EZ Graph It creates a contrasting graphic image on either side of the work.

Image of Introducing Bernat Blanket Extra Thick thumbnail

Introducing Bernat Blanket Extra Thick

Bernat Extra Thick yarn gets your project from start to finish extra fast. Your favorite chenille-style Bernat Blanket yarn now has even more to love.