Introducing Bernat Suede-ish

Bernat Suede-Ish Yarn

The strength and softness of suede come to you in this unique tape-style yarn that is ideal for making baskets, rugs, placemats, and tapestries. The yarn’s flat shape makes high-contrast stitches in a gentle, yet durable fabric. Bernat Suede-ish has a matte finish that mimics the look of suede bringing a folksy, bohemian flavor to your style. Embrace the look of suede for a complete project or use Bernat Suede-ish to add groovy accents like tassels or fringe to your next home décor project.

Bernat Suede-ish Featured Patterns

Bernat Suede-ish Shades

Bernat Suede-Ish Yarn Beauty Shot

Bernat Suede-ish comes in naturally-inspired deep shades, each with a matte finish. Neutrals like Soot, Tusk, and Mahagony complement any décor. Deep tones like Garnet, Denim, Ocean, and Honeycomb bring strong, bold colors that can be mixed and matched or stand all on their own. Wavy shades that blend colors together create gorgeously speckled fabric or add groovy accents to other projects.

Mixed shades available soon!

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