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Red Heart Croquette Review

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Red Heart Croquette is unique fingering weight yarn with a bit of sparkle running through each gorgeous colorway. It’s perfect for everything from garments and accessories to delicate home décor. It looks gorgeous as crocheted lace, makes lovely knit garments, and it is stunning in woven fabrics.

Four Red Heart Croquette yarn is placed on the table top in different colors.

The fiber content of Red Heart Croquette is 92% cotton, 5% polyester, and 3% other. That “other” is the sparkle! If you carefully untwist a strand of Croquette and pull it apart, you’ll see that there are 4 strands plied together – 3 of the cotton (with a touch of poly for strength) and 1 of the bling.

Metallic and sparkly yarns are a lot of fun – but sometimes they are a bit scratchy. But not Croquette! The shiny strip is seen, but not felt. In the hand or around the neck, this yarn feels like a nice and smooth, cool cotton. Which makes this thread ideal for wearables in any craft! The recommended hook and needle size is small, just 2.25mm for both. But that’s only a starting point; personally, I love crocheting Croquette with a 4mm hook to create beautiful airy crochet lace. Gorgeous, delicate lace, that feels as comfy as my favorite t-shirt!

Knitting with cotton thread can be a bit of a challenge, but knit tops with this yarn are just delicious in drape and feel. From summer tops to winter layers, you’ll find both knit and crochet top patterns on Yarnspirations using Croquette– my favorites are the Red Heart Breezy Cabled Knit Top and Red Heart Boxy Crochet Top. Both include sizes XS to 5X too!

Red Heart One Skein Diamond Lace Scarf in dark blue, royal blue and sky blue contrast is wrapped around mannequin neck

Red Heart One Skein Diamond Lace Scarf in dark blue, royal blue and sky blue contrast zoomed in photo

Red Heart One Skein Diamond Lace Scarf

There are 11 colorways of Red Heart Croquette, and I’ve designed patterns in three of them so far… and I still can’t pick a favorite! My newest Croquette pattern is the Red Heart One Skein Diamond Lace Crochet Scarf made in the shade Tidepool. I find that each Croquette color inspires me in new ways.

Red Heart Croquette is a little cake with a lot of punch – 239 yards of fingering weight, sparkly thread ready for your creativity! Explore the free patterns available for this yarn now or create your own masterpiece in the colorway that suits you. Don’t forget to share your Red Heart Croquette Creations with me on