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Patons Grace Yarn Review with Tamara of Moogly

Hey stitchers! It’s Tamara of, I am popping in to give you a review of one of my summer faves, Patons Grace yarn. Patons Grace is “an ultra-soft cotton yarn available in fresh, modern shades that’s perfect for lightweight garments and accessories.” Made of 100% mercerized cotton, this light weight yarn is one I find myself returning to again and again!

Cotton yarn is perfect for warmer weather, and mercerized cotton is a great choice for wearables. Mercerization is the process of treating a plant based yarn with sodium hydroxide, then neutralizing it with an acid bath. This makes the yarn stronger, take dye better, and adds a gorgeous luster and shine! It’s also more likely to resist mildew, which is a great bonus. After mercerization, “gassing” happens – the mercerized yarn is run through a hot gas flame (super fast!) and all the little linty and fuzzy bits are burnt off.
So you’re left with Patons Grace – smooth, strong, lustrous, and beautifully saturated with color. Because it’s so smooth, you get amazing stitch definition – and fantastic drape! It’s a premium quality yarn, with lots of flattering shades for your next top or accessory. In fact, there are 18 colorways of Patons Grace to choose from – lots of combinations and possibilities. There is a lovely mix of neutrals, pastels, and jewel tones to play with, and each will show off the texture of your stitching.


Patons Grace is a lightweight favorite for all sorts of projects and there are over 50 free crochet, knit, and craft patterns on Yarnspirations featuring this yarn. I’m excited help add another to the pack– the Patons Multi Pocket Crochet Tote Organizer! It’s an easy pattern that gives you a taste of this yarn and helps keep you organized at the same time.

Patons Multipocket

Patons Multipocket

Give Patons Grace a try and let me know what you think– you can order it right here on!