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Social Distancing Banner

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Social distancing is a new normal we are all adjusting to. Unfortunately, this simple idea to keep our distance brings with it a bit of an issue: what exactly does 6 feet like? Unless you have an innate sense of distance (I for one, don’t), you might need a little reminder now and then just how much space you need to put between you and your neighbour. I thought it might be fun to show people the safe social distance “yarn-bomb” style!

To create your own “Social Distance Bunting”, you’ll need this Bunting Banner pattern and any worsted weight yarn. I used Lily Sugar n Cream cotton for my bunting because it was what I had on hand and comes in lots of great colours. To create a 7-triangle banner like mine you will need:


1) Crochet bunting triangles as given in pattern (I made 7). Do not make the Ties or Pompoms listed in pattern.

2) With Black (or contrast shade of choice), crochet one “6” or “2” for each triangle as given below. I used a smaller hook (U.S. G/6 or 4 mm) to get a nice, dense fabric.

Bunting Chart


Ch 24.
1st row: 1 sc in 2nd ch from hook (2 sc in next ch. 1 sc in next ch) 3 times. 1 sc in each of next 4 ch. (2 sc in next ch. 1 sc in next ch) 6 times. Sl st in opposite side of 10th ch of foundation chain. Fasten off.

3) Sew one “6” or “2” to center of each triangle

4) Using same contrast shade and crochet slip-stitch embroidery, create “ft” or “m” beside each number as follows:

Keeping yarn at back of work, draw up a loop through the ch-1 sp where you would like the bottom of your letter “F” or “M” to begin. Sl st into the rows above to create a straight vertical line, taking care to sl st loosely to avoid pulling in work as you stitch. I worked 3 vertical chains for my F.

Bunting img 2

Change direction and work 2 slip stitch chains to create the top of the F.

Bunting img 3

To create the second horizontal line, draw your "live” loop to the back of the work, then pull it up again loosely where you’d like your second line to begin. This way, you don’t need to cut your yarn.

Bunting img 4

You probably get the idea now, so go ahead and make a “t” the same way.

Bunting img 5

If you use the metric system, you’ll only have to embroider one letter! ;)

Bunting img 6

5) Time to string it all together! With your smaller hook and black (or colour of choice), make a chain of approximately 3 ft (91 cm). This is the end of your banner and doesn’t need to be an accurate measurement so just give yourself enough of a chain to secure the end when you go to hang your bunting.
6) Continuing from your chain, work one row of sc across the top of your first bunting triangle.

Bunting img 7

7) Now continue no, creating a chain of 6 ft (2 m) minus the width of your bunting. It should measure 6 ft from center of triangle to center of triangle. I counted my chains so I would have the same amount of space between each triangle but counting to 225 is not fun so don’t sweat the accuracy. Just err on the side of too long to be safe!
8) Continue securing each triangle with a row of sc and adding your 6ft-ish chain between until all of your triangles have been connected.
9) Hang your banner somewhere where you think people could do with a reminder to keep their distance!

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Julia Madill

A self-taught designer, I use my art and design background whenever I can, especially when it comes to combining colours - my favourite! I always have several projects on the go and love to D.I.Y. anything I can.