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  2. Dream Big Baby 2

Dream Big Baby 2


Keep making Big Dreams come true for your little one with this collection of snuggly nursery decor patterns.



Giddy-up pardner! This super cushy, textural Misty Vines Crochet Blanket becomes the Wild West with a little imagination!



There's nothing more relaxing than a lazy day on a calm lake! Whether your little one reels in a tadpole or a friendly whale, they'll look snug as a bug in this Crochet Ruffle Pullover.



The perfect poncho for picking a pocket full of posies! This colorful, velvet-soft layer is just the thing for an afternoon stroll with some woodland friends.



Look what we can do! Step right up folks and witness the amazing talents of this dynamic duo! Don't they look snazzy in their Classic Knit Baby Cardigans?



Turn the nursery into an open mic cafe and let baby take center stage on this Mini Stripes Knit Baby Blanket - the perfect thing for working out their newest comedy routine or trying out some song ideas!



This baby shot for the moon and with a little imagination, she got there! There's plenty of exploring to do up here, and she'll look out of this world doing it in her Ruffle Collared Knit Dress!



5, 4, 3, 2, 1..... blast off! The Go-Go Garter Knit Baby Jacket is the perfect snuggly thing to keep your little sky explorer looking like a star!