Need knitting or crocheting help? Watch our how-to videos to brush up or learn a new skill. 

How to: Make 1 increase (M1)
How to: Pick up and knit
How to: Basic Joining Technique (Part 3)
How to: Double Crochet (dc)
How To: Make the Larksfoot Blanket
How to: Avoiding Tangled Centers in Bernat Baby Sport
How to: Cable cast on
How to: Make a bobble (for the Cable and Lace Blanket)
How to: Knit 1 through the back loop (k1tbl)
How to: Seam Garter Stitch
How to: Chain (ch)
How to: Treble Crochet (tr)
How to: Hiding yarn tails as you go
How to: Half Double Crochet (hdc)
How to: Slip. Slip. Knit. (ssk)
How to: Knit 2 together decrease (k2tog)
How to: Basic Strip (Part 1)
How to: Work into chain space
How To: Double Crochet Back Post (dcbp)
How to: Weaving in ends (crochet)
Technique Tuesday - Changing from Rounds to Rows in Crochet
How to: Seaming (overcast stitch)
How to: Slip 1 purlwise (sl1p)
How to: Yarn over (yo)
How to: Hairpin Lace - Finishing the side edges (Part 4)
How to: Avoiding Tangled Centers in Bernat Softee Baby
How to: Slip Stitch (sl st)
How to: Single Crochet (sc)
How to: The purl stitch
How to: The knit stitch (k)
How to: Slip 1 knitwise (sl1k or sl1)
How to: Arm Knitting
How to: Working into the front or back loops of a stitch
How to: Sew Crochet Motifs Through the Back Loops
How to: Double Treble (dtr)
How To: Double Crochet Front Post (dcfp)
How to: Change shades or balls while knitting
How to: Read a knitting chart
How to: Increase (knit front and back - kfb)
How to: Hairpin Lace - Guides (Part 2)
How to: Single Crochet (sc) edging
Technique Tuesday: Cuppa to Baby Blanket
How to: Read a Crochet Chart
How to: Make the Wonky Squares Motif
How to: Resize the iCover for other devices
How to: Purl 2 together decrease (p2tog)
How to: Hairpin Lace - Finishing ends with tassles (Part 5)
How to: Join in the Round
How to: Changing colors (crochet)
How to: Treble 2 Together (tr2tog)
How to: Work into both sides of the foundation chain
How to: Sl1. K2tog. Psso
How to: Cast off
How to: Purl 2 together through back loops (p2togtbl)
Intro to Arm Knitting
How to: Popcorn Stitch
How to: Magic Loop / Circle
How to: Blocking Motifs
How To: Reverse Single Crochet (reverse sc)
How to: Knit 1 below (k1b)