Pompom Gift Decoration

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Pompom Gift Decoration

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Turn gifts into a work of art by topping them off with pompoms! Shown in Bernat Softee Chunky.

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The materials for this project cost $11.57

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Contrast A

Softee Chunky | Hot Pink, 28416Edit Color

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Softee Chunky | Pumpkin, 28630Edit Color

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Sharp scissors.

The materials for this project cost $11.57


Approx = approximately

tog = together

Details & Instructions



Bernat Softee Chunky (100 g/3.5 oz;99 m/108 yds)
Contrast A Hot Pink (28416) 1
Contrast B Pumpkin (28630) 1
Tapestry needle. Sharp scissors.



Pompoms (make 2 with B and 1 with A): Wind yarn around 3 fingers 60 times. Tie tightly in the middle and leave a long end for attaching to cord. Cut loops at both ends and trim to form Pompom. (Pompoms should be approx 2" [5 cm] wide)

Check out our Pompom Video

Twisted Cord (instructions will make cord long enough to fit a box approx 7" [18 cm] long x 6" [15 cm] wide x 3" [7.5 cm] high): Cut 3 lengths of A, 4 yds [3.8 m] long. Taking all 3 strands tog, attach one end to a door handle or hook. Holding opposite end, twist strands to the right until cord begins to curl at center. Fold cord in half and join all ends tog in a knot. Smooth out cord.

Wrap cord around box having ends meet on top of box at center. Tie tightly, leaving even lengths of cord. Attach B Pompom to folded end of cord. Attach A Pompom to cut end of cord, allowing cut pieces from cord to weave into Pompom for a neat finish. Attach remaining B Pompom over knot in cord at center of box.