Kids' Craft - Scrunchie

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Kids' Craft - Scrunchie

designed by Lorna Miser
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Kids will have fun creating these useful and funky hair scrunchies.

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The materials for this project cost $12.87

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Simply Soft | Lemonade, 9776Edit Color

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Simply Soft | Neon Green, 9777Edit Color

Materials not included in this kit:

Thick stretch hair band. Scissors. Glue.

The materials for this project cost $12.87

Details & Instructions



Simply Soft (170 g/6. oz;288 m/315 yds)
Contrast A Lemonade (9776) 1
Contrast B Neon Yellow (9773) 1
Contrast C Neon Green (9777) 1
Thick stretch hair band, scissors, glue.


Not applicable.


1. Make a slip knot in the end of one color of yarn.
2. Hold the hair band open with one hand and pull the slip knot through with the other.
3. With 2 fingers reach through the slip knot on the OUTSIDE of the band and   pull a loop through. Tighten by pulling on the slip knot.
4.  Next reach through the new loop on the INSIDE of the band and pull a loop through. Tighten by pulling on the first loop.
5. Continue pulling a new loop through the previous one, alternating inside and outside the band. 
6. Fill the band completely; stretching it to make sure it is full.
7. Cut yarn and tie ends together. Trim knot to half inch. Apply a drop of glue to the knot.