Camp Crafts 2 - Funny Flip Flops

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Camp Crafts 2 - Funny Flip Flops

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Kids will love making these fun flip flops and then wearing their handiwork. Simple and easy for all age levels, made with Bernat Boa.

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The materials for this project cost $0.00

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Main Color (MC) () 1
Tapestry needle. Pair of flip-flop sandals.


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Cut a strand of yarn approx 3½ yds [3.25 m] long. Tie yarn around strap as close as possible to sole of sandal, leaving an end 2 ins [5 cm] long.
Wrap yarn around strap, making sure each wrap is close against the previous one so that the strap is covered, and wrapping over yarn end to hide it.
Continue to wrap until the entire strap is covered, as shown in picture. Secure yarn and cut, leaving end 3 ins [7.5 cm] long. With tapestry needle weave end under wraps. Trim end close to wraps.