Striped Triangle Purse

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Striped Triangle Purse

designed by Kathy Perry
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A funky purse in a striped pattern with a triangle in the middle. 

Single Size
Approx 16"/40.5cm wide x 9"/23cm tall
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The materials for this project cost $23.61

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  • Single Size
Approx 16"/40.5cm wide x 9"/23cm tall

Step 2:

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Simply Soft | Bone, 9703Edit Color


Simply Soft | Autumn Red, 9730Edit Color


Simply Soft | Chocolate, 9750Edit Color


Simply Soft | Dark Sage, 9707Edit Color

Single Point Aluminum Knitting Needles 14"

Size 8/5mm

Bent Tip Steel Yarn Needles

Sizes 13 & 16 2/Pkg

Materials not included in this kit:

112 wooden beads  Various sizes and shapes, with large holes, to thread onto yarn.

2 sheets 11" / 28cm x 14" / 35.5cm plastic canvas

Large snap or magnetic closure

4 decorative studs or beads

1/2 yd lining (medium weight)

Needle and thread

Row counter (optional)

The materials for this project cost $23.61


Details & Instructions


Approx 16"/40.5cm wide x 9"/23cm tall


Simply Soft (170 g/6. oz;288 m/315 yds)
A Bone (9703) 1
B Autumn Red (9730) 1
C Chocolate (9750) 1
D Dark Sage (9707) 1


In Stockinette stitch, 18 sts and 24 rows = 4”/10 cm


Garter st with beads:

With color C, thread 112 beads required to complete the purse beading. See instructions. Work 4 rows Garter st, placing the beads on row 3 only. Knit to the st you wish to bead, *then slip the bead up in back of the work. Insert the ndl as if to knit and wrap the yarn around it. Push the bead to the front through the st on the left ndl and complete the st. Knit 2 sts and rep from *, end k2.

PURSE BODY (make 4 pieces)

Using A, cast on 44 sts. 

Rows1-8: Using A, work St st.

Rows 9-12: Using B, work St st.

Rows 13-16: Using C, work Garter st with beads.

Rows 17-20: Using D, work St st.

Rows 21-30: Using A, work St st.

Rows 31-52: Rep Rows 9-30.

Rows 53-56: Rep Rows 9-12.

Rows 57-60: Using C, work Garter st WITHOUT BEADS.

Rows 61- 64: Rep Rows 17-20.

Rows 65-72: Rep Rows 1-8.

Bind off.

PURSE STRAP (make 1)

Using A, cast on 18 sts.

Work St st until piece measures approx 40".

Bind off.

Fold in half and seam long side so that strap is doubled.


Two pieces make up the purse front and two make up the back. Make center seams with stripes held vertically. Line two up pieces (stripes vertically) so that beading is on outer stripes. Mark across approx 3" on top edge. Baste a line from mark down to the bottom corner on all pieces. See Illustration 1. Seam two pieces tog along line making sure the stripes line up correctly to make a point. Remove basting. Do the same on rem two pieces. Tack edges of seams so they do not roll. (This also gives extra stability to center of purse.)

Snap Closing: Attach magnetic closure or snap to (RS) top center edge of knitting. Turn under top 4 rows of purse to inside and tack down all around.

Lining: Trace around purse to make a template for lining. Cut two pieces of lining allowing 1/4 " for side and bottom seams and 1/4" (or more) turn under on top edge. Set aside.

Remaining Seams: Seam front to back along sides and bottom. See Illustration 1. 

Gussets: Form side gussets (approx 3 1/2") by making a seam across bottom corners on RS. Press corners to OUTSIDE and secure. See Illustration 2.  Make gussets in the same way on lining, with corner seams on WS.

Straps: Using decorative studs or beads attach straps at both sides to purse gusset corners. See Illustration 3. Attach again with studs or beads at top edges of purse.

Plastic Canvas (to stabilize purse): Cut 2 pieces 7" x 10" and 2 pieces 3 1/3" x 7".  Cut larger pieces to match front and back shape of purse (they will be slightly smaller). Place on inside front and back and tack lightly in place. Place the smaller pieces on gussets and tack in place.

Place lining in purse, turn under top fabric and tack around opening (under knitted turn over edge).