Mitered Squares Blanket

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Mitered Squares Blanket

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Perfect for baby showers, knit these colorful mitered squares and seam them together for a fun gift.


Single Size
Approx 34" [86.5 cm] square.
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The materials for this project cost $27.89

Step 1:

Select your options


  • Single Size

Approx 34" [86.5 cm] square.

Step 2:

Click each color to change it or go with the colors recommended by the designer

Contrast A

Giggles | Oh Sunny Day, 56630Edit Color

Contrast B

Giggles | Giggling Green, 56230Edit Color

Contrast C

Giggles | Laughing Lavender, 56320Edit Color

Contrast D

Giggles | Cheerful Blue, 56128Edit Color

Contrast E

Giggles | Tickled Pink, 56420Edit Color

Single Point Aluminum Knitting Needles 14"

Size 7/4.5mm
The materials for this project cost $27.89


Alt = alternate(ing)

Center dec (worked over 3 sts) = slip next 2 sts as if to K2tog, K1, then pass slipped sts over knit st – center of 3 sts should be on top of decrease (2 sts have been decreased)

Center dec = Slip next 2 sts together knitwise as if to k2tog. Knit next st, then pass both slipped sts over knit st. 1 st is centered-over decrease; 2 stitches have been decreased.

cont = continue(ity)

K = knit

pat = pattern

rem = remain(ing)

RS = right side

st(s) = stitch(es)

WS = wrong side

Details & Instructions


Approx 34" [86.5 cm] square.


Bernat Giggles (100 g/3.5 oz;169 m/185 yds)
Contrast A Oh Sunny Day (56630) 2
Contrast B Giggling Green (56230) 1
Contrast C Laughing Lavender (56320) 1
Contrast D Cheerful Blue (56128) 1
Contrast E Tickled Pink (56420) 1
Size 4.5 mm (U.S. 7) knitting needles or size needed to obtain gauge.


16 sts and 32 rows = 4" [10 cm] in garter stitch. Motif = Approx 5¾" [14.5 cm] square.


MOTIF (make 12 with A and 6 each with B, C, D and E)
Cast on 45 sts.
1st row:(WS). Knit.
2nd row:K21. Center dec. K21.
3rd and alt rows:Knit.
4th row:K20. Center dec. K20.
6th row:K19. Center dec. K19.
Cont in pat as established, working 1 less st before center dec on each RS row until 3 sts rem.
Last row:Center dec. Fasten off.
Pin Motifs to measurements and cover with damp cloth, leaving cloth to dry.
Join Motifs following diagram.
Join Motifs following diagram.