Embroidered Flower Throw

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Embroidered Flower Throw

designed by Susan Shildmyer
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Single Size
38" wide x 46" long
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The materials for this project cost $45.27

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  • Single Size
Finished Measurements
38" wide x 46" long

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Main Color (MC)

Simply Soft | Country Blue, 9710Edit Color

Contrast A

Simply Soft | Chocolate, 9750Edit Color

Contrast B

Simply Soft | Light Country Blue, 9709Edit Color

Contrast C

Simply Soft | Bone, 9703Edit Color

Contrast D

Simply Soft | Off White, 9702Edit Color

Takumi Bamboo Circular Knitting Needle 29"

Size 6/4mm

Chibi Tapestry Needle Set

Sizes 12 (2), 15 (1)
The materials for this project cost $45.27

Details & Instructions


Finished Measurements
38" wide x 46" long


Simply Soft (170 g/6. oz;288 m/315 yds)
Main Color (MC) Country Blue (9710) 3
Contrast A Chocolate (9750) 1
Contrast B Light Country Blue (9709) 1
Contrast C Bone (9703) 1
Contrast D Off White (9702) 1


In Stockinette St 18 sts/ 26 rows = 4in/10cm



Stockinette St

Garter St

Embroidery Stitches (see diagram)

Chain Stitch

Fern Leaf Stitch

Running Stitch

French Knots

Duplicate Stitch

Note1: Chart is work from right to left on RS rows and left to right on WS rows. 

Note 2: In intarsia method, the 2nd color is twisted (or picked up) from underneath the 1st  color. 



Using MC CO  108 sts

Wind MC, A, B, C  and D into small bundles or wrap onto bobbins.  Working Intarsia method described in note 2, work each row of chart 2 times across. – 108sts

Rep 70 rows of the chart 3 times. 210 rows. Bind off in MC.


Using single strand and tn, work lower stem in duplicate stitch in Bone (C)

Work center stem in duplicate stitch in Lt. Country Blue (B)

Work top stem in chain stitch in  Bone (C)

Work chain st around leaves as follows:

Lt Country Blue (B) leaves in Country Blue (MC)

Bone (C ) leaves in Lt. Country Blue (B)

Off White (D) leaves in Bone (C)

Work Fern Leaf stitch in center of each leaf as follows:

Lt. Country Blue (B) leaves in C

Bone (C)  leaves in Off White (D)

Off White (D) leaves in Chocolate (A)

Work running st in Off white (D) along Chocloate (A) lines as shown

Using double strand of Bone (C) work  French knots as shown


With RS facing and MC, pick up and knit 108 sts from Cast on edge.

Begin garter st, inc 1 st at beginning this and every row 62 times. – 170 sts

Bind off knitwise.

Repeat at Bound off edge.

With RS facing and MC, pick up and knit 157 sts along side edge.

Begin Garter st, increase 1 st at beginning of this and every row, 62 times. – 219 sts

Bind off knitwise.

Repeat on other side edge.



Using  MC and tn, sew mitered corners together.

Using tn, weave in ends.