Flowers Blanket

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Flowers Blanket

designed by Lorna Miser
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Bright colors, flower motifs and a textured border make this blanket an extra special gift for baby.


Single Size
Approx 36/91.5cm x 36โ€/91.5cm
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The materials for this project cost $44.15

Step 1:

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  • Single Size
Finished Measurements:
Approx 36/91.5cm x 36โ€/91.5cm

Step 2:

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Contrast A

One Pound | Soft Pink, 01513Edit Color

Contrast B

One Pound | Lilac, 10577Edit Color

Contrast C

One Pound | Pale Green, 10587Edit Color

Aluminum Crochet Hook 6"

Size H8/5mm

Tapestry Needle Set

The materials for this project cost $44.15


Ch(s) = Chain(s)

CL3 = *Yo, insert hook in next st, pull up loop, yo, pull thru 2 loops; repeat from * twice in same st, yo, pull thru all 4 loops.

Dc = double crochet

Sl st = Slip stitch

st(s) = stitch(es)

tr4tog = Treble crochet 4 together - *(Yarn over) twice, insert hook in next stitch and draw up a loop, (yarn over and draw through 2 loops on hook) twice; repeat from * 3 more times, yarn over and draw through all 5 loops on hook.

Details & Instructions


Finished Measurements:
Approx 36/91.5cm x 36โ€/91.5cm


One Pound (454 g/16. oz;742 m/812 yds)
Contrast A Soft Pink (01513) 2
Contrast B Lilac (10577) 1
Contrast C Pale Green (10587) 1
Size US H-8 (5 mm) crochet hook, or size to obtain gauge. Yarn needle.


In Cluster Stitch pattern, 14 sts and 8 rows = 4”/10cm.


Set up row: CL3 into 4th ch from hook, *ch 1, skip 1 ch, CL3 in next ch, repeat from *, turn.
Row 1: Ch 3, skip first CL3, *CL3 in ch 1 sp, ch 1, skip CL3; repeat from *, CL3 in top of turning ch, turn.
Repeat Row 1 for Cluster St pattern.

Using A, ch 118. 
Work set up row. Beginning Cluster St pattern Row 1, work until blanket measures 34”/86.5cm. Cut A.

Join B at a corner, *ch 4, tr4tog, ch 4, sl st into next 2 dc; repeat from * to end, ending with 1 sl st in last dc. Fasten off.
Repeat for each side of blanket.

Weave in ends.

FLOWERS (make 5) 
Using C, ch 6, join with sl st to form a ring.
Round 1: Ch 3 (counts as dc), 15 dc into ring, join with sl st in top of ch 3 - 16 dc.
Round 2: Ch 3 (counts as dc), 2 dc in next dc, (1 dc in next dc, 2 dc in next dc) 7 times, join with sl st to top of ch 3 - 24 dc. Cut C.
Round 3: Join A, ch 3 (counts as dc), 1 dc into st at base of ch 3, 2 dc in each of the next 23 dc, join with sl st to ch 3 - 48 dc. Cut B.
Round 4: Join B, (ch 4, tr4tog, ch 4, sl st into next 2 dc) 7 times, ch 4, tr4tog, ch 4, sl st into next dc. 
Fasten off.

Arrange flowers as desired. Sew in place.