Project – Wavy Ripple Blanket in Bernat Baby Coordinates
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Finished the blanket!  At long last!  And rather than make an edging on just the sides, I did something different:  I took the edging all round the blanket.  I used such bright colours that I thought a full border would look more "finished".  Besides, its nice to be different ;)

The only task left are the ends--and there are plenty of those to weave in **sigh**  Ends galore!

It's no secret that I intensely dislike finishing. But finish I must 'cuz there's some yarn waiting for me.

Aren't those colors just yummy!  Very fresh and cheery . . . and its waiting for me . . .  soon my pretties.  Very soon :)

DinaPurls :)


Yipes! My favorite method of finishing, especially in cases with lots of ends like this and a border, is to crochet the ends under the border. Quick and pretty easy, mostly. I wonder if it would work with the sheer volume of ends you have though. I wonder if anyone out there actually likes finishing.

I don't think too many peole like the finishing, LOL. But that's a good tip about working some of the ends under the border.

I like to weave the ends in as I go. When I do my Chain to join I just work over the loose ends to cover them up. Sometimes I will leave a tail out a few stitches into the row so I can weave it back the other direction but so far (15 years) the projects I have kept have not fallen apart. I hope this helps . Heather

I wish I would work the ends as I go! I'm a process crafter, so I love the actual crocheting. But I'll get through the ends eventually. By the way, Heather, good tip for working the ends as you go.

What yarn is that?

I used Bernat Baby Coordinates for the blanket. The new yarn (green, orange and mixed) is Bernat Softee Baby.


I weave the left over yarn as I crochet, and I find it makes for a faster finish in the end.

I agree with you Danoris that it would make for a faster finish to get to the ends as I go. Someday I will do it. :)

I agree, the coloured border makes it more "finished" looking :-)