Yarnie Pals Are Done!

So, what do you think?  Aren't they cute?  And my boys love them too!  My youngest especially adores his octopus pal with his sweet bowler hat.  With the addition of all eight tentacles, "Eggy" is now called "Leggy".

While the pattern called for them to be made flat, I knit the tentacles in the round to save myself from all that seaming.  For the colour changes, I just let the threads run loosely up the inside.

From faceless blob to monster, meet Bob (yeah, my boys like to name their toys).  Once the face parts were attached, he developed a personality.  The pattern directions called for the eyes to be "lightly stuffed".  I think I may have overdone it.  Perhaps too puffy?  Still, my son loved the buggy eyes, so I left them.

The other components (spikes, horn and teeth) were super easy to make and attach.  I didn't have a reference image for the back, and had to wing it.  So for anyone else who needs lots of visuals like me, here's Bob the monster.

The really nice thing about the monster pattern are the numerous ways to modify him: he could have two eyes or perhaps even just one like that critter from Monsters Inc; maybe his teeth could be eliminated and a smile embroidered in its place; or perhaps the last few rows of his body could be knit in eyelash yarn to give hair . . . the possibilities are only limited by your imagination.

Next up, a new project.  Happy knitting!

DinaPurls :)


Wow! Amazing work!!!

Those are so cute! You have very lucky boys for sure!

Those are great! My son would love them!

Thanks everyone! It was fun making them. :)

Those are super cute! Looks like you had some fun making them, and it's great the boys like them so much. Naming toys is completely normal! :) I think the eyes are stuffed "just right." I am imagining all kinds of ways to adapt them to make some critters for my little niece in the future.

Thanks Yarntangle. I really think these toy patterns are so easy to adapt. I'm sure your niece would love a little critter. :)