Yarn Musings

You've been knitting or crocheting for a while, and have made some simple projects. Maybe a granny square or two, or some dishcloths. Sometimes, you're interested in learning some new stitches, so that maybe you could actually make a cardigan or a hat. But, you're just a little intimidated. You don't want to spend time and money on something you won't be happy with in the end.

So, you just keep making square after square. It's relaxing to feel the yarn flow through your hands. Sometimes, you choose a yarn based solely on the color, because it reminds you of something special. Maybe a memory of a pleasant day, or the eyes of your first love. Tenderly, you caress the fibers, attempting to grasp just a shade of your experience. It surprises you that your emotions can be drawn out so easily by just a strand of yarn.

Shaking your head lightly, and giggling self-consciously, you place the yarn in your shopping bag, hoping you can resurrect the feeling later at home. Maybe you'll make a hat with this skein, and wear it with a secret smile, keeping the dream alive. So, you turn to look at the pattern books, trying to find a design that captures your heart.

You're not alone in this. Lots of us have used our yarn crafting to express our inner thoughts. Creativity draws out emotions, dreams, fantasies, and expectations. Nothing wrong with that. Sometimes, we create projects for others, to show our love to them - imagining how they will use what we made - a tiny link between our spirits.

Obviously, yarn is just a simple thing. But our hearts are not. And creating art with yarn is sometimes deeper than we expect it to be.

What's your story?


I recently discovered a yarn shop in my area, when I walked in I was in awe with all the textures and colors. I felt like I do when I go to the library, the need to be quiet and let my eyes soak it all in. I could imagine what I'd make with the different yarns and begin to dream........

Hi Molly. I know exactly how you feel. It's almost like going to a museum, isn't it? Just lovely