The Wrong Side of Serendipity?

Project – Shopping Tote Bag (crochet)
Bernat Free Pattern (download here)
Yarn – Bernat Handicrafter Cotton in Indigo, Stonewash, Hot Green, Hot Orange
Blogger – DinaPurls

So I started working on one side (front and back are worked in the same way).  And truthfully I didn't work a swatch 'cuz I figured size doesn't matter (although I suppose if my pieces were too big, I'd run out of yarn and that wouldn't be very good).

I am so lovin' the colour combo.  And I must confess that my choices were ruled by serendipity: the colours just "spoke" to me.  When I saw the indigo blue, I thought of denim and everything goes with denim (so says the girl who happily lives and works in jeans all the live long day).  The trick was to find three other colours that would play together  nicely.  I knew orange liked green 'cuz mother nature put them together in pumpkins and marigolds (and seriously, how could mother nature be wrong?).  I didn't want white as my last colour 'cuz I thought it would be too strong of a contrast with the deep indigo, so I went for the faded blue of stonewash (after all, my faded jean jacket works with my dark blue jeans).

If the thought of combining colours gives you a cold sweat, look around you for inspiration.  Check out  the wallpaper at your local hardware store, gift wrap at the card store or scrapbook papers at your craft store.  Even thumbing through a magazine can provide inspiration.

I think my only dilemma now is deciding between the wrong and right sides.  I polled some of the girls at work, and so far the wrong side is winning.  Hmmmm . . . .what do you think?

DinaPurls ;)


I think these colors look lovely together - sorry, can't pick a side, both look great. Could you be super careful with your seaming and make it reversible?

LOL Michelle. Wouldn't it be neat to make it reversible? Maybe if I was less of novice crocheter, I could attempt such a thing.

Love the colours. It will be a pretty and useful bag. I don't really crochet but I wondered why you didn't carry the colours up the side instead of having all the ends to darn in. I would be afraid that the edge would be noticeably thicker with all those ends. Thanks

Eva, I thought about carrying the colours up the side, but the colour I needed always ended up on the wrong side. So I'm weaving in lots of ends :S

I love your color choices! My vote is for the right side to be the right side cause I like the more textured look. Can't wait to see the finished project!

Thanks Tillie. I love the colour choices too. I'm still going for the wrong side though, LOL :)