A woolly bag

Project –  Tote Bag
Bernat Free Pattern Library download
Yarn – Bernat Felting in Crocus
Blogger – Teresaknits

My next project is a new one for me -- a felted bag. I am using Bernat's felting wool yarn and am loving the color variations -- such pretty purples and pinks, with hints of turquoise.

It's also lots and lots of stockinette -- perfect for TV watching or brainless end-of-the-day knitting. I can't wait to see how they will look all felted up. In the meantime I will keep on knitting and hopefully be ready to felt soon!



I have a knitting question and I need help asap! Can you help or do you know where I can ask a question about a pattern instructions that I can't understand?

I sent this on to the pattern support folks. They should be contacting you soon.

Go to Ravelry. It is a site for any and all help... GL