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I've been blogging for Bernat now for over a year, and have learned SO MUCH!  It has truly been a blessing to me.  My crafting skills have improved, and my yarn stash has been enhanced.  Life is good! :)

And because I feel so blessed, I am passing on the joy by doing some charity knitting.  Bernat Felting yarn is 100% wool, and is intended to be used for making felted items.  But, I'm making a thick wool sweater instead.  A spinner would consider this yarn to be a "pencil roving", since there is barely any twist to it at all.  The wool fibers are lined up straight and clean.  This causes the fabric you make to be fluffy and insulating - perfect for a toasty warm sweater.

I had intended to knit for the Dulaan charity drive this October, but I missed the deadline.  So, I will give this sweater to the Wool-Aid charity.  That organization collects and distributes hand-knitted and crocheted wool items to people in the coldest climates.  Some of these people have to endure temperatures as low as 40 below zero!  (Fahrenheit)

As I got a good start on the sweater, my husband walked by my craft room, and said, "Would you like to go out to lunch?"  Would I?  Of course!  So, I stuffed my knitting into my bag, and off we went.  When we got to the restaurant, we placed our order, then I found a table.  Immediately, I pulled out my knitting, so I could get in a few stitches as we waited for our food.

(My hubby took this photo with his cellphone, so excuse the blurriness.)

Our lunch was yummy, and we enjoyed our time together.   After lunch, he drove us to our favorite bookstore, so I was able to knit some more in the car.  I also carried my knitting bag into the bookstore, where I bought a cup of coffee, and sat down to work on the sweater some more.   My husband is used to seeing me knit everywhere we go.  In fact, if he doesn't see a knitting bag in my hand, he says, "What's wrong? Why aren't you knitting?"   :)

Here's what I've gotten accomplished on the sweater so far:

I am LOVING the way it looks!  The Bernat Felting yarn is fun to knit with, and the color of the yarn is beautiful!  The bulky yarn will knit quickly too, so it shouldn't take that long to finish the sweater.

Happy Knitting!

- Shandeh


It looks lovely and warm! Someone lucky will have a warm sweater. I knit everywhere too. :)

Thanks Samm! It is definitely warm. I think I need to make one for myself when I finish this one! Maybe you and I will run into each other one day, when we are out knitting. :)

Since you are using felting yarn, what size sweater are you making? Won't it shrink the first time it is washed?

Hi Linda! I'm donating this sweater to a charity that requires 100% wool handknits. They provide handknit items to needy people living in the some of the coldest climates. These people do not have electricity, so there is no need to worry about felting from an electric washer or dryer.

I knit everywhere, too! I get restless if I am stuck in the car without any knitting to do!

A kindred spirit! :)

very nice! wish i could try some of those yarns...darn wool allergy... :-(

I know how you feel! I've recently learned that I'm allergic to alpaca. Makes me very sad. :(

To Bernat Help in general: Your "Finishing" page is a bit stark. When I clicked on Flat Seams there was only an illustration, a good one, but are the pieces stitched with the right or wrong sides together? One would think wrong sides together but the mattress stitch is done with right sides up. Surely there could have been a tiny bit of elaboration. Thanks. KB

Hi Kathleen, thanks for the input! I agree there could be more detail and we'll get this fixed (though we have a video solution currently in the works!)