Will I ever size a hat right?

Project – Girl’s Beret
Bernat Pattern Book #530195 Mini Me
Yarn – Bernat Baby Cakes in Pool Party
Blogger – michellecrochets

Still working from the Mini-Me booklet from Bernat, I'm now working on the matching hat to the Girl's Cardigan pictured on the front.   I love crocheting hats - two hours and I've got a great little gift.  This pattern was no different in that it worked up really quickly.

Now, here's the quirky part.  It is huge.  The pattern was written for Cottontots, but I was using Baby Cakes.  I thought I was making a smart decision by using the ball band recommended hook size - an H.  The pattern naturally called for a G hook - why did I ignore this!?!  Add to that, I finished the whole hat after my daughter went to sleep so I didn't have her model it midway through so I could make adjustments.

So here is what the hat looks like now.

This would be funnier on an ACTUAL toddler because I don't expect you'd see a face at all. Don't get too attached because I'm ripping it back at least halfway to figure out where I can decrease to make it fit her head.  I predict I'll add extra rows where the pattern is worked even (round 12) to allow the hat to slouch more in the back and then decrease a bit more drastically after that.

I'll let you know how it turns out next time.  Yet again, wish me luck!



The first project I crocheted, I was 22 and didn't know I had to use the right size hook with the correct weight yarn. Beautiful hat but would fit a giants head! It was decades later that I attempted another project (about 18 months ago) but decided to actually learn how to do it correctly!

I think it looks so cute! Ripping it out stinks, but it looks adorable - I can't wait to see it finished up! :)

Why not donate the large hat to a charity or give to someone you love that it will fit and just make a new one with the smaller adjustments? I have donated several pairs of socks, hats and gloves that I made and discovered that they did not fit the person I made the for just right.

The hat has already been ripped back and repaired. Look for the next post and see the finished product!