Who Doesn't Love a Skull?

Project – Skull Hoodie
Bernat Fall eBook featuring Bernat Roving
Blogger – DinaPurls

That's right!  Skulls are uber-cool and tuff--at least for pre-teen boys.  As my boys get older, they're less impressed with hand-knitted items.  So I have to choose my projects carefully. While flipping through Bernat's e-book for Bernat Roving, the ear-flap hat caught my eye mainly because of its skull.

By the way, have you checked out the Roving e-book?  Lots of cute items--small and big--for the discriminating recipient.  And Roving is quite soft and squishy.  Also, given it's bulky nature, it knits up fast--unless you mess up the pattern.

Did I mention I messed up the pattern?  I ripped back--no, I carefully tinked back one stitch at a time--about three or four times before I finally got it "right" (and I do use the word "right" loosely 'cuz I'm not 100% sure I got it right, but since there are no glaring holes in the fabric I'm guessing it's all good).

Still, I'm lovin' the skull 'cuz--let's be honest--it's cool!  And if all goes well, I plan to make more skull hats in funky, unexpected colours (purple for my niece, pink for my friend's daughter and maybe blue for my nephew). Skulls for everyone!

DinaPurls :)


Way cool pattern! My boys would have freaked out (in a good way) if I had made one for them when they were young!

I am currently kinitting this I really hope it turns out !!!did you finish it????

Yes I did finish it :) If you read along, you'll find the post with the finished hat. Good luck to you with your hat :)